Saturday, March 19, 2011

Noah's Party Sneak Peek

Noah's party is exactly two weeks from today!!!  Now that all of our family & friends should have received their invitations, I can show you!  The theme was an obvious choice this year...TRAINS!  He loves Thomas, but I didn't want a party centered around a commercial character this year.  So, instead, I designed a red & aqua {with a  slight vintage twist} train party!  I have BIG plans for a cute food table, customized conductor hats, & cookies with edible images that match my designs!

So, here is Noah's invitation...

I bought his aqua tee at Baby Gap, and found the cute jeans with red accents on a last-minute trip to Walmart!  We took Noah to his favorite park that has a railroad track right next to it.  He was more than ecstatic to get to walk on the tracks!  On the way, we stopped to get a bunch of red and aqua balloons that we tied onto his arm.  I used my new 50 mm lens for my camera to take the pictures and I LOVE how they turned out!  

Here's a few more fave pics from the day!...I plan on framing some of these for the party!

Happy Saturday, friends!


Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

seriously adorable invitation! can't wait to see the party!

Leverton Photography said...

LOVE the invitation and all the photos!!! Noah is just soooo adorable!!!! Can't wait 'til the party =)

Aunt Nancy said...

Can't wait to see Noah's birthday pics. Give him a big hug for us and tell him he will be getting a card in the mail from us - late of course :( Love you all!