Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabulous Freebie Friday {Spring Into Spring}

Sorry for my lack of posts this week!  My mom has been on Spring Break and we have been staying busy doing fun things with her!  I have not been home AT ALL!!!  But, I have gotten a lot done for Noah's party!  Tomorrow, the countdown is on...TWO WEEKS!!!  Yikes, that makes me stress just thinking about it, but I have promised my husband that I will NOT get so stressed that I don't enjoy the party and maybe make everyone else miserable too because I am a little bit OCD!!!  ;)

So, one thing on my list to do before the party is to get my house Spring-ready!  Here's my inspiration photos all from Stylish Eve.

I started searching late last night for some cute Spring or Easter subway art to begin my decor process.  Here's what I found so far and I'm sure there will be lots more!  

Easter Subway Art from I Share Printables

Spring Subway Art from Simple Crafter

Spring/Easter Subway Art from 2Day I Choose
(She offers three color choices) :)

It is a beautiful, warm day here in East Tennessee, and I'm getting ready to take Noah to the park (along with my friend, Bridget (who's also on Spring Break) and her little sweetie, Livia!  2 more days until the official first day of Spring ~ YAY!!! 


Mrs. So and So said...

Thanks for visiting the blog. Love the other freebies

Jackie Koll said...

I laughed about the comment from your husband - mine says the same thing to me before birthday parties . . .he asks if I'm too stressed to enjoy the day LOLOL