Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

Our  Valentine's weekend has been jam packed with fun!  On Friday night, Sam took me out to eat at the new Paula Deen's Kitchen in Cherokee, NC, while Noah got to play with Mimi and Memaw.  The food was delicious and the Harrah's Hotel was awesome!  We didn't spend the night because it is just an 1.5 hour drive for us, but we looked around the lobby.  It's beautiful!

one of the many seating areas in the hotel with an awesome ( and WARM) gas fireplace

On Saturday, Sam had to look at a new piece of farm equipment for work, and he took Noah along.  Noah got to drive a "huge tractor with a mower on the front and a baler in the back" (Noah's exact words).  He understands more about that stuff than I do.  He and Daddy had a fun afternoon!

Then, on Saturday night, we took Noah to see "Gnomeo and Juliet!"  It is a REALLY CUTE movie and I highly recommend taking your kids to see it ~ great music, funny, and awesome storyline!  I think Sam, Mimi, and I enjoyed it as much as Noah did!

On Sunday, after church and lunch, we found a huge train for Noah to see and then he got to play outside in the beautiful weather we're having right now!  Bring on the SpRiNg!!!! :)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, the actual V-Day, because we have lots of more fun planned!  Have a sensational Sunday, friends!


Lindsey said...

looks like fun! :)

happy v-day!


Amber Risher said...

That place looks divine! Your little Noah is so cute and smart!