Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Has My Baby Gone?

Noah is growing up so fast and I look at him sometimes and just think, "Where has my baby gone?"  He is so sweet and says things like, "Mama, you're a good cooker!"  and "Daddy, I have fun with you!"  Some sentences that come out of his mouth these days amaze me.  Today, we went out for breakfast and the waitress asked him what he wanted to drink.  Without hesitation, he said, "sweet tea please," because that's what he always gets (for lunch and dinner).  But, when I reminded him that it was breakfast, I asked the waitress which juices they had.  Noah then responded, "I'll have cranberry juice please."  How many 2-year-olds order cranberry juice?  He's so funny, but he drank every bit and loved it!  I wanted to share some recent, but random pictures I took of him during the last couple of weeks.

He's reading his Thomas the Train book and listening to it on CD in his room.

He insisted on having chairs for his bird, Paco, and his elephant so they could eat snack with him.

He loves to cover Daddy up with all his animals!

Then, he covered himself up!  How cute is that?


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