Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toddler Tuesday {Tiny Teach Calendar & A Freebie}

Well, I finally got Noah's calendar area done in our Playroom & we had our first "real" Morning Meeting this morning.  Noah LOVED it because he got to put the pieces on the board himself!

I ordered this calendar from Oriental Trading & it is awesome!!!  The pieces are made out of sturdy cardboard.   I hung it on Noah's playroom door with command hooks.

To make this board, I bought foam cardboard at Walmart ($2.98).  Then, I printed and laminated each page & attached each to the board with staples.  I can move the board down on the floor when we get ready to have our Morning Meeting where Noah can see & manipulate the pieces.

I wanted to have the letter we were working on written big for Noah to see.  I just laminated my page & used a dry-erase marker to write the upper & lower case letters.

To make the day & month page, just print out the background page, days of the week, and months of the year; laminate; and cut apart.  Then, I added velcro dots to the back so they can be changed out each day.
Yes, I am going to share these little creations with you.  To download the day, week, and letter pages, click HERE

I stapled a clear sheet protector to the board for our monthly Bible verse or verse that goes along with our featured letter.  Check out Totally Tots for verse suggestions.  I added yellow dots under each word so Noah can track & read it each day.

I downloaded the weather chart from Confessions of a Homeschooler HERE.

Each day, Noah will reach into the Color Bag & pull out a color for our "Color of the Day."   I added a velcro dot to the front of the bag for the chosen color.  I downloaded the Color of the Day from 1+1+1=1 HERE.
Enjoy making a calendar board for your little ones!  I had so much fun making mine!  

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Jackie Koll said...

Thanks for this - I've seen other blogs talk about this concept but I am so visual, I needed someone to do exactly what you did; give a point by point insturction on how to create one. Love this!