Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monster Bash

In the spooky spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share some ideas for a Monster Bash for the kiddos. I always do this with my kids in my classroom every year as a part of my “No More Nightmares” unit.

Little monsters enjoying their “Monster Mash"

Have guests come with their favorite mask. You could even send a blank mask in their invitation to decorate. Party activities could include(1) Monster Freeze Dance (to the song “Monster Mash” of course) (2) Don’t Get Slimed use green silly string and let the little monsters run wild (if you can go outdoors) (3) Monster Movie Madness: Monsters Inc., Monster House, E.T., etc.

The highlight of the party is the dessert. Let the monsters make Monster Mash. You will need the following ingredients

1. Cups or bowls

2. Vanilla ice cream

3. Mini chocolate chips

4. Mini marshmallows

5. Whipped Cream

Next, serve each child each ingredient as you make up a spooky story. For example

”Once upon a time on a spooky Halloween night, {insert your child’s name} was walking through the woods. He noticed out of the corner of his eye, there was a ghost (BOO!) walking beside him. So he reached out to shake his hand and OOOOHHHH his hand was all gooey from the “boo goo” [give each child one scoop of vanilla ice cream]. Then, as he walked slowly along, he saw a great big spider in the road. The spider, being friendly, said “Don’t worry, I won’t bite yousee, I’ll give you my fangs. [give each child a handful of chocolate chips]. As he kept walking, a little faster now, he heard giggling from the forest. When he looked closer, he saw two mummies. They were tickling each other’s mummy toes [give each child a handful of mini marshmallows]. So, he thought these woods were definitely strange and he ran out. BUT WAIT!!! What was that sound? The leaves were rustling, the wind was blowing, and all of a sudden, he got SLIMED [give each child some whipped cream]. Ooooohhhh gross! So, we’ve got boo goo, spider fangs, mummy toes, and slimethe only thing that can make it better is to mash it upso on the count of three, everybody mash123MASH!!!!!!!!!! And DEVOUR!!!!!”

Check out some of my favorite online finds for monsters.

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