Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Memory Lane

I have LOVED dressing up for Halloween since I was a little girl!  I actually got SO excited that I usually got sick & had to miss the fun!  I still get excited now, but now I try not to get sick (but I can't make any promises)!  

Today, I'm joining a couple of blog costume parades!  When my hubby & I started dating, we ALWAYS dressed up for Halloween together!  I was lucky that his Mom loved Halloween as much as I did & she always made him dress up too, so he didn't complain!  I have digital pictures starting in 2001.  I only have "real" pictures from the other years, but I have NO IDEA where they are! 

In 1996, we were a cowboy and a flapper.  In 1997, we were Forrest Gump and Jenny.  In 1998, we were Austin Powers and Vanessa.  In 1999, we were Scarlet O'Hara & Rhett Butler.  In 2000, we were Cleopatra & Mark Antony.

In 2001, we were Raggedy Anne & Andy

In 2002, we were Snow White & Prince Charming.

In 2003, we were Greasers.

2004 was the only year we didn't dress up.

In 2005, we were 50's Sock Hoppers.

In 2006, we were Daisy Duke and Bo Duke.

In 2007, we were doctors from Grey's Anatomy ~ McDreamy & Dr. Gray (I was 3 months pregnant) 

In 2008, Lil' Pumpkin's 1st Halloween, we were Wizard of Oz characters; 

Last year, we were farmers tending to our little Moo Moo!

Is he a cute Moo Moo, or what???  

Last year was the 1st time I have EVER made a costume!  Now, I want to make all his costumes from now on.  It makes it so much more special.  For the cow, I used a white hooded sweatshirt & white sweatpants.  I hot glued black felt spots all over and used two black felt pieces for the ears.  For the tail, I used a wide black textured ribbon frayed at the end.  I attached a bell to black bandana-print ribbon & tied it around his neck.  

This year, Lil' Pumpkin wants to be Thomas the Train, my Hubby is going to be the Train Engineer and I am going be the Train Conductor!  I'm working on our costumes...stay tuned!  I hope you've enjoyed tagging along on our trip down Halloween Memory Lane!  




Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Wow! What adorable costumes!! You have gone all out with your costumes for years! What a sweet family!

Kendra@My Insanity said...

These are all great! And inspiring!

Thanks for linking-up to my Halloween Costume Parade!