Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toddler Tuesday {Paci Fairy}

Something very magical happened at our house last night!  Since the very first day Noah was born, he has been soothed by his pacifier.  For the last few months, we have been trying to detach from the paci, and Noah would only want it during naps and bedtime.  However, he was VERY attached and would not listen to prompting from us to get rid of it.  

So, we told him about the Paci Fairy.  She comes at night (somewhat like the Tooth Fairy), and takes all the pacifiers.  She then delivers them to the newborn babies in the hospitals.  In return, she leaves a special toy for the "big boy/girl" as a thank-you!  

I had been planning on creating our own Paci Fairy for a while, and when I saw this post on This Blessed Nest, about a special Tooth Fairy Door, I knew we had to install our own.  I bought my dollhouse door at Hobby Lobby, painted it black to match our front door, and added white number stickers for our address.  Then, Daddy installed it in Noah's room right next to his bed.  This will forever be our Fairy Door and all the fairies use it (not just the Paci Fairy).  We left the key to the door out in a cute little egg cup also found at Hobby Lobby.

Then, Noah received a special letter from the Head Paci Fairy herself, Pacibella!  She wanted him to write a wish list for 3 things he may want to have in return for his pacifiers.  She would then choose one of those prizes to bring him on her journey to our house.

So, last night was THE night!  Noah decided that he could go to sleep without his paci, and then in the middle of the night, Pacibella came!  As promised, she left Noah a Thomas the Train set and a magic heart.  We're going this week to Build-a-Bear to make a new Fuzzy Buddy.  Noah will get to put his magic heart inside the Fuzzy Buddy to help him fall asleep easily!  She also left lots of pink fairy dust behind!  Mommy doesn't like messes, but she decided that the pink and sparkly messes are the best kind! :)

So, do you have a toddler, who needs to get rid of the paci?  Well, I decided to offer  a DIY printable Paci Fairy Kit in my shop.  You get a personalized kit with the choice of 7 different fairies and 5 different patterns to invite your own Paci Fairy into your home!  

This DIY Printable Kit is $8.


Jen @ Party Dreamz said...

Absolutely love this! Just got my 4 year old off the paci (please don't judge :) otherise I would have bought this. What a great idea!

Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

I love this! The paci fairy just visited our house recently as well. Thank goodness for Thomas toys! :)

Julie Link said...

Just make sure the paci fairy gets ALL the pacis...you don't want one falling out her of basket!!

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

We had the Paci Fairy visit last week too...unfortunately John isn't too upset about not having the paci BUT has decided he will cry for Mommy or Daddy instead for 1-2 hours. FUN! Glad things are going WAY better at your house! :)