Monday, January 31, 2011

Mmm, Good Monday {Valentine S'mores}

Need a cute Valentine's gift for co-workers, friends, neighbors, or your child's teachers?  Why not make your very own Valentine S'mores, first seen at Pittypat Paperie.  

Here's what you need...
(1) Large Pink Marshmallows
(2) Miniature Hershey Bars
(3) Graham Crackers

To get heart-shaped marshmallows, Diane took big pink marshmallows that you can find at Walmart and sandwiched them between two pieces of  wax paper, and cut out heart shapes with a cookie cutter (too cute)!  Then, just add two heart marshmallows, two candy bars, and four graham crackers to each baggie.  Top it off with the sweet baggie toppers, made by Trillustrations.   Click HERE to print your own!  Then, you have a gift of Valentine S'mores for Two ready to hand out for Valentine's Day!

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Lauren said...

What a cute idea :) I love this.