Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pug Crush of the Day

Pug Crush of the Day

I'm so excited because I'm the Pug Crush of the Day at The Purple Pug!  Kristy, the designer of The Purple Pug, is so sweet & has committed to feature a new party girl each day for a YEAR!!!  I'm number 56 and I'm thrilled to be a part of her "Sunny Sunday Style."  

To read my "crush" feature, go here!  Thank you, Kristi, for giving me such warm fuzzies today on a snowy Sunday in East Tennessee!  

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Jane and Lou said...

Oh Hi Daphne, so nice to 'meet' you, I saw your Pug Crush feature, so I had to pop on over to your blog and visit you:) It's funny to me how it's snowy there, it is soooo hot here - I associate Christmas with humidity! Well, I followed your blog so I won't miss any more inspiration (yay) you can visit me @ All the best, Jane:)