Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{WOW Find Wednesday}~Halloween Organization

Guess what I found today?  Two things actually.  First, I found some awesome freebies at Paint it Sew Thrifty!  I am an organization junkie, so I am so loving these Halloween organizing printables!  There is a Halloween Meal Planner, a stationery page, and a calendar page for the taking.

I have been planning on doing some theme teaching with my Little Guy for a while & I was totally inspired by Alison at Oopsey Daisy to start now!  So, I have decided to start my "Mommy School" with Noah next week because he is very close to being 2 1/2.  I'll be sure & post my lesson plans when I get them done.  I'm going to use the calendar page to write my lesson plan for the week.  I already have all my ideas, now I have a cute place to write them down!  I'm so excited to combine my 2 favorite things (teaching and mommy-hood) & Noah is all ready to learn about the letter Cc and China (because that's where his Daddy is going to be next week) :(

To save these printables, just click to enlarge, right-click on the image, & save to your computer...easy!

stationery page

meal planner

calendar page

Hope you enjoy!!!

My second WOW find was during my shopping trip today.  I found some awesome materials to make apothecary jars (that I saw a tutorial for at Lizard & Ladybug), and a black cake stand (for my upcoming Halloween party).  I also found some oh-so-spooky things to make Halloween decor at the Target Dollar Zone, Dollar Tree, & Michael's.  My creations are coming soon!  :)


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Thanks for the will be hooked once you make one :)

Can't wait to see what you make!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feature! You have a great blog! I will have November set for the taking in October too! :)

Anonymous said...

ps- count me as your newest follower!! :)