Thursday, May 13, 2010

Noah's Pirate Bathroom

I realized today that I hadn't shown you the pictures of Noah's new pirate bathroom decor. We got it done right before Noah's birthday, but the pictures got lost in the mix of parties, Easter, and vacation. Sam did all the hard work, I just had the vision (which is the way it usually seems to work out). :) Arrr, matey's, enter at ye own risk!

the sign on the door (spooky, huh?)

the view from the door
Our bathroom before was done in an ocean theme, so I already had the navy/white striped shower curtain. I just removed the shower rings and tied the curtain on with pieces of red rope. We also already had the blue wooden ship wallpaper. We had the rope trim at the top of the wallpaper there also. The treasure box was a gift from Sam's mom for my classroom. It now houses Noah's bath supplies and toys. I bought the blue and white towels at Walmart and had them monogrammed at Me and Mommy to Be.

the other corner of the room
The ship wheel mirror was a purchase from the beach long ago. I found the small square canvas pirate prints at Home Goods on sale for $5 each (woo-hoo!) The two adorable Ahoy Sailor prints were a 1st birthday gift for Noah from Aunt Jenny & Aunt Heather. We added new stainless steel hardware that I love.

the new light fixture
Ever since we moved into our house, I have very much disliked the gold fixtures in the bathrooms. So, I was thrilled to add this new one. I think it looks like lights in a boat. :)

the painted wall & border
We (umm, I mean...Sam) painted the bathroom a "happy red" and we picked the cutest pirate border at Lowe's for the top.

Noah brushing his teeth in his new bathroom.

Shiver me timbers, our tour is through. Tell me what ye think & tell me no lies...or ye walk the plank! {Sorry, couldn't resist the pirate lingo! :)}


A To Zebra Celebrations said...

LOVE his bathroom :) GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

Great room! I really want that border for my son's bedroom but can't get it here in the UK :-(