Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Extravaganza

I hosted our annual Halloween party at our house the night before Halloween & FUN was had by all! I have been planning the party for quite some time now and everything turned out very spooktacular!

For the invitations, I found black & white cards at Michael’s and then got cute scrapbook paper to fancy them up and attached the cardstock wording to the front. For fun, I stamped a cute pumpkin to the front of the envelopes.

Thankfully, we had great weather for our outdoor festivities (which is rare for late October in Tennessee)! =) We had a bonfire with hay bales set up around it for guest seating. I hung a “Trick or Treat” banner & I made two Martha Stewart pompoms to hang on our arbor. The idea was to make a picture spot and set up our camera on the automatic setting. However, it was too dark and my helpful toddler kept dragging the camera tripod all over the yard!

I found these cute ghost lanterns at Walmart for $2 and added glow sticks inside to make them shimmer.

Inside, I created a spooky atmosphere with only candlelight and a few Halloween strands of twinkle lights. For the food table, I used my Halloween tablecloth with my orange and black wrought iron chandelier (thanks Maxine for that awesome “yard sale gift”). I made menu cards backed with cute Halloween scrapbook paper held in place with these awesome mini pumpkin photo holders from Target (thanks for loaning them to me, Mom).

For the main menu, I served Haunted Hot Dogs, Boo-licious Baked Beans, Chick Fil-A chicken named “Eat More Chicken, my pretties,” & a mixture of chips.
I found the plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree and made the napkin rings from my Boo party package in my Etsy shop. I printed the napkin ring circles onto sticker paper and stuck them to scrapbook paper rings.

For the drink table, I named it “Pick Your Poison,” and made spooky witch potion labels for all my drinks. To make the labels, I used a fabulous witchy font, printed them onto white cardstock, & soaked them in tea to make them look aged. I then tied them around the 2-liter bottles, tea pitcher, and juice box tub. I printed my "Boo" drink labels from Etsy onto sticker paper, and added them to plain black plastic cups.

The drinks/potions consisted of:
Diet Coke: Black Magic; Mello Yellow: Bug Juice; Sprite: SwampFog; Welch’s Grape Soda: Goblin Goo; Sunkist: Nuclear Punch; Capris Suns: Sparkle Punch; Sweet Tea: Witch’s Brew

For the dessert table, I hung a Boo banner I made using the Fireworks program and scrapbook paper. I hung the banner with spray-painted black clothespins with sparkly pumpkins added to each one. I also made two purple Martha pompoms to flank the banner. The desserts consisted of my purple frosting cupcakes (with my Boo party punches from etsy), a pumpkin spice cake (iced with orange-tinted icing and an upside down ice-cream cone rolled in green sugar for the stem), and Oreos made spooky with sugar eyes and bats. The little ghosts and goblins (including my own) gobbled them up in a hurry! We also had a smores station outside by the fire.

The highlight of the party was our hayride. My husband put some hay bales in a trailer, attached it to his truck, and away we went. We drove around our neighborhood to a very crafty neighbor’s house decorated with a Halloween light show set to music – so cool (Thanks Mom for loaning us Daddy’s old trailer)!

All the little goblins got favors made out of awesome $1 Halloween boxes from Target filled with treats. I wrote the guest's names on foam pumpkins attached to lollipop sticks. They turned out really cute!

Last, but certainly not least, here is a picture of all our creative costumes.
The party was super Halloween-tastic and I had a blast planning every little detail…now onto the next party!

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