Monday, May 2, 2011

MmM Good, Monday {Founding Farmers}

Hello, my friends!  We just got back from a weekend trip to Washington, DC (we missed being there for the President's statement about Bin Laden by a few hours ~ crazy)!  However, I want to tell you about a fantastic restaurant in DC called Founding Farmers True Food & Drink.  My husband found out about it, and was told we HAD to eat there!  I am so glad we did because it was de.lic.ious!!!  

I noticed the design right away, a modern and fresh take on a country farmhouse.  The restaruant was designed by the award-winning CORE Architecture + Design.  Everywhere I looked (even in the restrooms), there was some cool new detail!  There were exposed rustic beams, the lights were designed to look like clouds, and the pendant lights were shaped like birds.  {If they sold those, I would now be the owner of my own cool bird light, but sadly, they didn't.}  The bathroom walls were painted to look like a clothesline.  Some of the tables were silo-shaped.  It was just plain awesome!  :)

They even had a cool door, which Noah called a "Rounder Door."
{all photos courtesy of Founding Farmers.} 

Now, on to the FOOD!  When I first looked at the menu, I was a little nervous because I didn't know what Noah would eat (and me because I have very simple tastes... don't judge).  However, I was pleasantly surprised!  Founding Farmers is owned by 42,000 family farmers of the North Dakota Farmers Union.  Here is just a few details on the food they serve...

  • Beef is 100% all-natural, hormone and antibiotic-free
  • Chicken is free-range, all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free (shipped in recycled, reusable containers)
  • Eggs come from all-natural, hormone, antibiotic and cage-free egg-producing only chickens
  • Dairy products come from free-range cows
  • Seafood is only wild line-caught or sustainably farmed
  • Produce is fresh and seasonal from family farmers
Take a look at their menu to see all the selections.  My family can say, without a doubt, that Founding Farmers gets 5 stars & you must visit if you are ever in the DC area!  


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