Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toddler Tuesday {Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!}

Yesterday was my sweet Noah's 3rd birthday!  We had a whirlwind of a weekend!  We had a train party on Saturday with all his little friends & it was a HUGE success!  I don't have the pictures yet, but when I do, I promise I'll give you all the details!  A fabulous photographer, Nicole from Leverton Photography, took the photos ~ can't wait to see them!  Yesterday (his real birthday), we had a small family party with a delicious meal, a train cake, and fun for all!  I'm still recovering from all the party prep (kinda feel like all the energy has been drained out of me).

So, for now, I can show you some photos from our little family party!  Since I had a strict policy of using NO commercial characters for his party this year, I thought I would incorporate a little Thomas the Train into his family party.  I got Thomas dessert plates and napkins & Noah LOVED them!  I also put a new Thomas train, Sruff, on his cake!  I think he was more excited with that than the actual cake!  Although, the cake became interactive when he wanted to take the "track" off and play with it!  He begged me not to cut it, but when we promised him he could open gifts after we ate cake, he said I could cut into the sky, not the tracks.  :)

I used the fabric from our train party as our tablecloth, a transportation bucket (found in the Easter section of Target) for the condiments, and Noah's big Thomas as the centerpiece.

These are all things I had used for the train party, but they worked well for the family party too!

Here's the cake I made.  I iced the top half blue for the sky, the bottom half green (with green sprinkles) for the grass.  I added white puffy clouds with my icing tip.  The rocks under the tracks are crushed Oatmeal cookies, the cross pieces are kit kats, and the tracks are black licorice twists.  I made his train topper to match my new "Little Chugger" party collection.  It will be introduced into my shop later this month.  I ordered the train candles here.

My little conductor blowing out his candles.

Noah had a great time opening his gifts which included this "Big Buzz" from Mimi.

I hope Noah had a fun 3rd birthday!  We sure have had the most fun of our lives watching him grow into the "Big Boy" he is now!  Now, for a little trip down memory lane...

the day Noah was born 

1st  Birthday

2nd Birthday

and today! :)


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aww..Happy Birthday to your little one!