Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Tree Hill

As promised, here is my trip to Wilmington in pictures!  Some of the pictures are horrible because I have been trying to learn how to shoot in manual mode and my settings were all wrong.  I doctored them up as best I could, but they are still pretty BAD!!!  After a while, I just gave up & switched to auto before I missed anything else! :)

We started our trip with a tour of the film studio, Screen Gems.  I had taken the tour of the OTH set once before and also a tour of the Dawson's Creek set once, but it never gets old!

As you can see, the sign on the door says, "Closed Set," which means filming was in process.  While on the tour, we found out that some of the cast was there & we just had to investigate.  Outside of the studio, we met Jackson Brundage who plays Jamie Scott on the show.  In between takes, he was tossing a football with a crew member.  He didn't want any pictures taken until after he was done with his scene, but we had to leave before they were done filming for the evening!

We travelled to Topsail just outside of Wilmington to see Clay & Quinn's Beach House.   Here's the front.

And here is the back; we did find out that the interiors of this house is used for the show as well.

Here's the building used for a night club on the show, Tric.  As you can see, LOTS of fans have graced it's walls and door with their well wishes.

Now, I'm one of them! :)

Sam had to catch a flight out of Wilmington for a business meeting.  While waiting for his flight, he saw two of the cast members get off a plane and called me to come back to see them.  The first one we met is Antwon Tanner who plays Skills on the show.  Sorry for the grainy pic!  

The next one we met at the airport was Paul Johansson, who plays Dan Scott.  Sorry for the blur!

While watching filming, I Mark Schwann, Executive Producer of the show, walked right by us!  He's the one in the middle.

We were trying to get Jana Kramer's attention, who plays Alex Dupree on the show.  She just started her music career and released her first single, "I Won't Give Up," last month.  We played her song {loudly} & all sang it together (30 of us).  She was so excited and recorded it on her phone.  She cried because she was so touched ~ very awesome moment for me!

We waited (and waited) for an entire day of filming (12 hours), & finally got to meet Lisa Goldstein, who plays Millie on the show.  She is such a sweetheart!

We also got to meet Lee Norris, who plays Mouth on the show.  He is also so sweet!  

This is how many fans joined together in Wilmington for the potential last week of filming!

Just in case, you want to see the cast members in their OTH element, here you go...

I hope you've enjoyed your trip through Tree Hill with me!  I had an amazing time and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a 9th season!  If you are a OTH fan & want another season too, you can sign a petition on my sidebar to help keep it going!

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