Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrifty Thursday {Command Center}

I have taken on a VERY CHALLENGING New Year's resolution this year~  organize EVERY nook & cranny of my house!  I plan on documenting along the way, so you can come along on my journey with me!  I pride myself on being organized, but I'm not sure what exactly happened during the last 2 years (oh wait, I do know...there's a little toddler running around doing his own "interior re-design").  

So, with my "Mission Organization" in mind, I was so excited to find a new blog yesterday, A bowl full of lemons.  It is an awesome blog dedicated to  keeping a home clean & organized.  One idea from the author, Toni, that I plan on implementing immediately is her Mobile Command Center.  

Toni used a file box with a spot for everything that comes through the mail or home with the kids.  She attached a calendar to the front with clips.

Here you can see her labels (to pay, to file, etc).  Each person in the family has a folder as well.

She gives each family member a color for calendar events.  

Then, she puts a basket of colored pens in front of the file box.

She adds tabs to each calendar page for easy access.

Lastly, she adds a paper recycle bin or trash can near the file box for immediate removal of junk mail.

Check out Toni's post about her Mobile Command Center for more details!  I LOVE this idea!

Now, if you need a new stylish calendar for you own command centers, Elle, at Switcheroom, is offering a FREE beautiful 12-month calendar.  All you have to do is become a fan or follower & leave your email address in a comment & she'll email it to you!  

Happy Organizing!!!


Toni said...

Thank you so much for featuring me. I will add your button to my blog. :) Also, let me know when yours is done. I would love to see it!!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I really need to do something like this!
I can't wait to follow along with'll be my motivation :)

Jackie Koll said...

I've found that same sight recently too and am doing the 21 day challenge.

Last January, my resolution was to declutter my home. This year, my theme word is "Simplify" so I love all of the organizational tips found at A Bowl Full of Lemons! I hadn't seen the file you shared in your post yet so thanks for sharing :-)

Organize with Sandy said...

I found you from Toni's blog. I would love for you to link some of your organizing adventures to my Organizing Mission Monday link party. I keep it open most of the week... Hope to see you there.

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

Thanks for featuring my calendar! :D
Good luck with your project!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I so need to do the very same thing! But it's just so overwhelming! Maybe if I take baby steps, right?

Good luck!

Yanet of 3 Sun Kissed Boys