Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Snowy Week

Last Saturday, it started snowing & snowing & SNOWING SOME MORE!   I can't remember the last winter we have gotten so much snow here in East Tennessee!  It was so bad here on Monday that UT was actually closed so Daddy got to stay home with us!  

Noah is LOVING this snow & he could play outside in it all day (if we would let him)!  However, the temps didn't get above freezing all week & I limited his snow time to 30 minutes!  I'm a mean Mommy, huh?  Take a look at our Winter Wonderland!

our neighborhood

our house

Noah tried to escape on his John Deere...but, Daddy thinks we need some chains for that thing!

drivin' his tractor in the snow

icy road!

our snow-covered yard
Stay warm, friends!

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