Saturday, September 25, 2010

{Tiny Teach} C is for China

For a while now, I have been planning on doing some "real teaching" with my Lil' Pumpkin, who will be 2 1/2 on Oct. 4.  His little brain is like a sponge right now & I want to take advantage of this amazing time to learn.  I want to thank Alison at Oopsey Daisey for giving me the inspiration to start now. So, this week we started "Tiny Teach," where I am teaching a letter each week along with a theme.

For our first week, I chose the letter C and we learned about China (because that's where his Daddy was all week for work).  Here's an overview of our week!

my lesson plan

We drove cars on our "C Road"

We glued cheerios to a letter C and colored pictures that started with C.

We made letter C's and cars out of playdough.

We finger-painted a Chinese flag.

We read, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and then made cookies with candy pumpkins on top.

Here's our cookie.

We made a Panda Bear out of circles.

We took a "Field Trip" to eat Chinese at Pei Wei, an Asian Diner (yum!!)

Our C Muffin Tin Meal: cheese, cucumbers, chips, chicken, cranberries, & candy corn

YAY for Muffin Tin Meals!!!

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Alison said...

WOW!! Daphne, I am seriously impressed! And so tickled that you are doing "Tiny Teach" with your Little Pumpkin! What fun activities!! It's always fun to see ideas from a fellow teacher. Bravo, my friend! And thanks for sharing!

Sassy Sites! said...

Thanks for joining us over at our Sassy Sites blog party! It's fun to see everyone! Come on over tomorrow and sign up for our Spotlight Giveaway! We would love to have you!! xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

What a great idea! I love this and will have to bookmark it for when my son is a bit older.

Hanna said...

I'm your newest follower from the weekend blog hop!! Lovely blog! You can find me at