Monday, August 23, 2010

{Organizing Tip} Easy Breezy Packing

If you're like me, the hardest part of traveling is packing.  I have ALWAYS made a list before I pack so I don't forget anything.  Now that I pack for two (Noah & myself), I have to be extra organized.

So, my solution was to make a master packing list for me and for Noah.  I made one for summer travel and one for winter travel.  Then, I printed them out, put them in clear sheet protectors, & added them to my H.O.M.E. {Home Organization Made Easy} Book.   When we prepare to travel, I get out my list and Noah's list & use a dry erase marker to check items off when they get packed away.  When I am finished, I wipe the list clean and it's ready for the next trip!  I LOVE this system & I feel like it works really well for me!

{Here's what you need.}
1.  My ON HOLIDAY & BABY ON HOLIDAY packing lists.

2.  Sheet Protectors

3.  Dry Erase Markers

How can I get these lists?  Well, they are available for purchase in my shop today.  But, as a bonus for my loyal followers, I'm offering both the ON HOLIDAY Packing List & the BABY ON HOLIDAY Packing List FREE until the end of September.  Just comment that you are a follower &  give me your email address, & I'll email you the 4 PDF files.  How easy is that???   You'll be all set just in time for all those Labor Day travels!  


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