Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Surprise

This year, I decided to surprise my husband with his own Valentine's Day Superman party! A few months ago, I read about a Superman father's day breakfast here on Kara's Party Ideas blog. I loved Kara's idea & was so inspired that I made my own Super-Valentine's party pack {which will be available in my etsy shop soon}. Sam had been away on a business trip the night before which gave the perfect opportunity to get everything ready. However, if you're prone to nervous breakdowns {like I am}, I don't recommend doing this with an almost 2-year-old who insists on "helping" with everything from the cooking to the balloons ;)!

I made all three of us t-shirts with iron-ons. Sam's said "Super Dad," mine said, "Super Happy Wife," & Noah's said, "Super Happy Boy."

I made a banner using the Superman logo shape that said "We love our Super Dad!"

I hung red, yellow, & blue balloons on the light fixture.

the tablescape

On the menu: Metropolis Mac n' Cheese, Man of Steel Meatloaf, Hero Baked Beans, Red Cape Breadsticks, & Clark Kent Cupcakes {I made menu cards too!}

the cupcakes with my Superman toppers
{Notice Sam's card from Noah on top!}

One super-happy family

My favorite picture of Noah from the night
I loved how everything turned out, Sam was definitely surprised, & we all had a super-fun night! Thank you, Kara, for the inspiration!

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Kate @ said...

This is seriously the cutest idea ever! I love it!!!!!!! I need to file this idea away!!